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  Breaded Chicken  
Hand Crafted in the
Wicklow Hills

We are based in the village of Dunlavin, County Wicklow, Ireland.

New Gluten Free Goujons 2022

Currently only on sale in Kildare Farm Foods, Rathmuck,Co.Kildare, our gluten free goujons are made with gluten free ingredients which contain gluten free oats. The oats* we use have been grown in Ireland and are processed in a plant dedicated to and certified for gluten free production.

*Oats do not naturally contain gluten but do contain the protein avenin which some people with coeliac disease cannot tolertate. If you have any concerns it is best to consult your doctor.


All our products are made from natural fresh chicken fillets and breaded in bespoke breadcrumbs.

Our process.jpg

Founded in 1996 by brothers Ronan & Dermot Wilson, below is our story.

Our Process

All our products are made from natural chicken fillet sourced from E.U.approved farms in Europe and Ireland*.We do not use any additives in our products. Every day we infuse our cooking oil with fresh onion, garlic, herbs and spices, to give all our products a simple hint of infused flavour.

Our premises are fully approved under the E.U. Meat products directive (our plant number is IE 2641 EU). We are monitored by unannouced inspections from a veterinary inspector. Our products are routinely inspected microbiologically as a measure of our food safety systems and our adherance to the most stringent hygiene standards.

We currently recycle 19 tonnes of cardboard and plastic from our operations. All our food waste is 100% recycled for pet food and bio diesel at a factory 700 meters away from us!

We sell a range of our products (at wholesale prices!), in convenient packs from the factory in Dunlavin. It is open weekdays only from 8am-4pm. See our contact page for location & contact information.

Fire Cracker Goujons

Ka-boom!! Fire cracker tenders (above)- hand cut strips of chicken breast in a coating similar to that of the famous Dublin "spicebag"


*We sell about 40% Irish chicken, so why not 100%? Irish chicken comes at a premium price, which many of our customers request and are willing to pay. However, some are in the price sensitive food service sector.However, both sources are from high quality E.U. approved factories and are equally delicious.

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