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Deli /Butcher Range

( Fresh or Frozen)

Detailed List Here 

Oat Coat Goujons x 4kg

Plain Goujons x 4kg 

Southern Goujons x 4kg 

Firecracker Tenders x 4kg

Plain Maryland x 20

Southern Fried x 20

Gourmet Garlic Kiev x 20

Fillet Kiev x 20

Traditional Maryland x 20

Cordon Bleu x 20

Salsa Wraps x 20

Branded Range 

Oat Coat x 1kg ( Bag graphic below)

Plain Goujons x 1kg

Traditional chicken kiev in a plain breadcrumb

(above) Our traditional "supreme" Kiev, in standard breadcrumb with wing-bone attached.

Gluten Free Goujons

Currently only on sale in Kildare Farm Foods, Rathmuck,Co.Kildare, out gluten free goujons are made with gluten free ingredients which contain gluten free oats. The oats* we use have been grown in Ireland and are processed in a plant dedicated to and certified for gluten free production.

*Oats do not naturally contain gluten but do contain the protein avenin which some people with coeliac disease cannot tolertate. If you have any concerns it is best to consult your doctor.

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