Deli /Butcher Range

( Fresh or Frozen)

Detailed List Here 

Oat Coat Goujons x 4kg

Plain Goujons x 4kg 

Southern Goujons x 4kg 

Firecracker Tenders x 4kg

Plain Maryland x 20

Southern Fried x 20

Gourmet Garlic Kiev x 20

Fillet Kiev x 20

Traditional Maryland x 20

Cordon Bleu x 20

Salsa Wraps x 20

Branded Range 

Oat Coat x 1kg ( Bag graphic below)

Plain Goujons x 1kg

Traditional chicken kiev in a plain breadcrumb

(above) Our traditional "supreme" Kiev, in standard breadcrumb with wing-bone attached.


Oat Coat - 2019

Oat Coat is a new product innovation  with a focus on natural local ingredients which delivers a "clean" label. We noted that our standard breadcrumb contained over 12 ingredients and was travelling over 1500 kilometers from Europe ( as no one manufactures it in Ireland) . We began to experiment with local ingredients and developed the oat coat goujon. It gives the product a low carbon footprint and has many health benefits including high protein, low salt, low sugar, low glycemic index and is a source of fibre. Oats are also naturally gluten free and although not suitable for coeliacs, the coating is "very low gluten"  - which qualifies if it is below 100mg/Kg. Our product contains approx 63mg per Kg  (a "gluten free" product must be below 20mg per Kg)